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Just Cause 3

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Content Designer
Just Cause 3
Avalanche Engine
~4 years
20-60 hours


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Just Cause 3 Reveal Trailer

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I was responsible for creating about one third of the storyline missions in Just Cause 3.  These missions started as paper design documents.  After many revisions, final designs were approved.  Mission skeletons were created based on these designs.  These mission skeletons started very rough, and were comprised of placeholder art and technology.  Real art assets and technology were integrated into the skeletons as they became available over the course of the project.  After much playtesting and iteration, these mission skeletons evolved into the final missions that are playable in game.  

I had a hand on all of our storyline missions, but here are the missions that I served as the lead content designer for.

MM170: Turncoat

MM210: Connect the Dots

MM220: An Act of Piracy

MM230: Three's Company

MM250: A Long and Dangerous Road

MM320: Derailed Extraction

MM330: The Great Escape

MM340: Bavarium on a Plane


I was responsible for creating about half of the challenges in Just Cause 3.  
I designed and authored the Wingsuit Course, Scrapyard Scramble, and Shooting Gallery.  
​I also had a hand in the remaining Just Cause 3 challenges, and a number of cut challenges.

Challenge Videos

Dev Diaries

This is a short video featuring the devs of Just Cause 3.  I have a short blurb at ~1:46 where I talk about making the Winsuit Courses.