Nick Urko's Portfolio

Just Cause 4: Danger Rising

Team Size:

Production Time:

Lead Gameplay Designer / Lead Mission Designer
Just Cause 4 DLC Pack
Avalanche Engine
~10 months
2-5 hours


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Just Cause 4: Danger Rising Launch Trailer

Submarine Gameplay

I led the design and scripting of the core gameplay loop found in our new submarine bases.  We brought back the liberation system from Just Cause 3, and combined it with some of the more complex gameplay found in Just Cause 4.  The result is a more open ended and satisfying sandbox experience.

Each objective is designed in a way that encourages the player to use one of our new features.  The hoverboard is the biggest new feature, and has several objectives designed around it.  The magslug cannon and enemy agent also have objectives devoted to them.

I spent a lot of time fine tuning the combat experience.  The submarine bases use a modified version of the "Heat" system, and I worked very closely with the AI programmers to ensure that everything was working correctly.

USS Watchdog


I was in charge of designing and fully implementing the two missions for this DLC.  

"Old Friends and New Enemies" starts a new plot line featuring conflict between Rico and the Agency.  It also serves as a tutorial for several new DLC specific features, including the hoverboard, the magslug cannon, the enemy agent, and the new gameplay loop found in the submarine bases.

"Rogue Agent" wraps up the storyline, and throws the player into a unique boss fight that ends the DLC on an explosive note.

Old Friends and New Enemies

Rogue Agent