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Kirby's Air Ride: Gaiden

Production Time:

Kirby's Air Ride: Gaiden
3 weeks (10 hrs / week)
3-5 minutes


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Help Kirby save Dreamland from the nightmares!

This is a single player side-scrolling shooter made in the Love game engine for a LUA scripting class.  It is a modified version of a game presented to us by our instructor.

You can download the source files here, but you must have the Love game engine and appropriate tools installed in order to play this game.

Kirby and all related characters and art owned by Nintendo.

Custom Gameplay Features

The following features were implemented during the making of this game:

  • Restricting player movement to the screen

  • A smart bomb powerup that kills all onscreen enemies

  • New enemies

  • Savable High Score

  • Level loader

  • Custom explosion particles



Collecting the Smart Bomb kills everything onscreen


This is the Smart Bomb code.  It checks every sprite on the screen and reduces their health (c.shields) to zero.

Custom enemy AI

I created movement patterns for each of the seven enemy types.  Some of them fire projectiles at the player, while others deal damage on contact.


The boss has the most complex AI patterns.


This is the boss's movement function.  He moves up and down along the edge of the screen, and shoots at the player.  After three shots, he darts forward towards the player, and then retreats back to the edge of the screen.  He then begins the pattern again.

Animated Character Sprites

The enemies in this game are made from sprite sheets, and they animate according to specific animation data.








This spreadsheet contains all the data needed for animation.  Frame dimensions and number of frames must be input properly to get the above effects.

Additional Code Samples